Booking Policies

In fairness to our clients and staff, there are no exceptions to our policies.

Late cancellations and no-shows significantly impact business and inconvenience other clients & our staff.

Please do not schedule an appointment if you do not agree to all our booking terms and conditions.

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Full 24-hour notice is required to cancel, reschedule, or make changes to your appointment.  Otherwise, a 50% fee will be applied. No-shows are charged 100%. 

In the event a booking fee was paid prior, it will be forfeit in this scenario.

In the event a booking fee was not paid prior, the fee will be considered outstanding and must be paid within 24-hours; or any upcoming pre-booked appointments will automatically be cancelled. Outstanding fees must be paid prior to rescheduling.

Clients are solely responsible for cancelling their own appointments on time and directly. 

Non-refundable Booking Fee

non-refundable booking fee of 50% is required for all bookings.

This fee is applied to the cost of service scheduled. 

Appointments rescheduled or cancelled, within our 24-hour cancellation policy, will forfeit their booking fee – no exceptions

Appointments rescheduled in advance will be issued credit that can be applied as another future deposit or to purchase retail.

Late Arrivals

Clients arriving late risk having their appointment cancelled or modified, to avoid additional delay and inconvenience for other clients and our staff.

If the appointment is cancelled, the 50% booking fee will forfeit, or a cancelation fee will be applied. 

Another deposit must be paid to schedule another appointment. 

If the appointment is modified, it will still finish on time, as scheduled. 

Covid-19 & Other Illness

Regardless of vaccine status 

Clients that are awaiting pending Covid-19 test results, must refrain from the salon until presented with a negative test Covid-result.

To avoid a cancelation fee, clients should cancel their appointments 24-hours in advance if they have not yet received their results.

Clients that have been identified as a ‘close contact’ must refrain from the salon for 7 days from the date of exposure, following a negative Covid-result. 

Clients with any cold or flu-like symptoms must refrain from the salon until symptom-free, following a negative test Covid-result.

Same-day Covid or any other illness-related cancelations are charged 50%. 

Clients Only

We have limited space and enforce a ‘Client Only’ entry policy in the salon. Please do not bring children (or babies), or any company (friends or family) with you to your appointment.